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We are proud to be an organization by musicians for musicians. Thousands of people like to help us defend this project for everyone. We depend on a large percentage of the donation to carry out this mission of open and free promotion of events and artists. If you want, you can support us in this effort to promote musicians, art and culture in general. Your collaboration will help us to continue growing in these first steps that we are taking. Everything helps.
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The ad will be published within 72 hours after the purchase of the ad once the design conditions of the ad have been agreed. toneapp! will communicate with the buyer's email so that I supplied him with the piece to be published, remaining at the discretion of Toneapp! the decision to use or reject said piece or the suggestion of modification. The Month of publication consists of 30 business days from the publication of the announcement. The position may vary within the selected page depending on the number of ads on it. Positioning of advertisements is at the discretion of ToneApp!, which will make good faith effort to honor position requests when possible. Although every effort is made to ensure that advertisements appear correctly, errors due occur. Compensation for errors is granted with extra days in the publication depending on the severity of the error. In case of ads designed in-house, advertiser's final sign-off indemnifies ToneApp! against any errors. Any request for credit must be received within seven days of publication. ToneApp! assumes no liability for omissions. ToneApp! reserves the right to make minor correction to submitted files. Advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold ToneApp! harmless against any expense or loss by reason of any claims arising out of publication. Ads in all cases must be paid in advance. The purchase of the advertisement indicates the reading and acceptance of all the terms and conditions specified in it. The purchase of the advertisement serves as a contract between ToneApp! and advertiser who agrees to advertise me.

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