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Alan Gunga Purves is a completely unique percussionist, always looking for new sounds and playing methods.

The Dutch clarinettist Fie Schouten is an Amsterdam based specialist in the performance of new music with a preference for playing on the low.

Antimufa plays tango and argentinean folk music as no other band.Not retrospective, but primarily forward-looking and adventurous, these four Argentinean musicians are building on the musical tradition of Río de la Plata, bringing back its spirit and flavor with a distinctive instrumentation.


Saxophonist, clarinetist, composer

De intrigerende jazz van het Amsterdamse Tetzepi Bigtet is een verrassende ontdekking voor vrijzinnige muziekliefhebbers.

A project by Büyükberber/Klein, featuring Claron McFadden and Kristina Fuchs.


Guillermo Celano (Guitar) - Marcos Baggiani (Drums)

Saxofonista y flautista bilbaíno afincado en Barcelona, es una de las personalidades más inquietas del panorama musical internacional.

American composer and flutist based in Amsterdam. Ned holds degrees in composition from the Royal Conservatory Den Haag and in flute from the Cleveland Institute of Music and the San Francisco Conserv

Jazzmusiker (Gitarre, Banjo, Bouzouki, Komposition)

American jazz composer and percussionist

Giuseppe Doronzo is an Italian saxophonist and composer.

Bugpowder (fka Omelette) plays Ornette Coleman pieces from the 70s and 80s (and an odd one from the 60s).

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