Antimufa plays tango and argentinean folk music as no other band.Not retrospective, but primarily forward-looking and adventurous, these four Argentinean musicians are building on the musical tradition of Río de la Plata, bringing back its spirit and flavor with a distinctive instrumentation.The spontaneous improvisation added to classic tangos, milongas and folkloric rhythms create a landscape of detailed textures, powerful melodies and sophisticated sounds.Moreover, this is a trip that can not only be taken through the ears: The adventurous dancers are welcome to test their skills on the dance floor. Natalio Sued: Clarinet, tenor sax and voice. Guillermo Celano: Guitar Adan Mizrahi: Double bass Marcos Baggiani: Drums

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5/18/2023 1:10:25 PM Antimufa - Tango meets Jazz
This innovative Argentinean band will take you on a musical journey like no other, combining the spirit of Río de la Plata with a distinctive instrumentation. + Read More
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