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Simple Songs

Simple Songs is a very mature CD”…. “A strong nostalgic atmosphere rich in sounds and colours”….”the guitar plays open and long chords opening different spaces”…”With a little bit of distorsion during the solos Celano can cut through and been lirical at the same time; he can fly out of the tonality and come back with the right timing”….

La Nacion. Buenos Aires, Argentine. 08-2008

“A few beautiful original tunes and a couple of well known tunes. G. Celano’s and Michael Moore’s ideas have made a refreshing and pleasing oasis of this album”

Esteban Sehinkman, El intruso. Buenos Aires March 2007.

Concert Review:

…….”The Celano Baggiani Group left us astonished. This quartet built around a guitarist and a drummer from Argentina begins from simple melodic ideas. From there it grows slowly towards a whole exciting and complex music, which at the same time remains still melodic”.

KindaMuzik: Sven Schlijper; Tilburg 24 September.

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