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Ellery Eskelin tenor saxophone Guillermo Celano guitar Clemens van der Feen double bass Marcos Baggiani drums

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This CD represents a very special chapter in the history of the C.B.G.In 2011, the Celano/Baggiani group (joined by Michael Moore on reeds and Sven Schuster on double bass) went on tour in collaboration with duo Sylvie Courvoisier/Ellery Eskelin, on piano and tenor sax respectively.During that period, Guillermo Celano and Marcos Baggiani invited Ellery Eskelin and double bassists Clemens van der Feen to enter the studio and make this recording.This CD was planned to come out in 2012-13, a time when we were busy working on other projects and recordings. We decided to wait for the right moment to release this material.This year, the band celebrates 10 years of working together and making music, and we feel the moment has come to bring out this hidden gem.We hope you enjoy it

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