During his student period he took lessons with many different musicians: Lee Konitz, Ben Street, Ben Monder, Chris Cheek, Mark Turner, Matt Penmann, Peter Bernstein, Nestor Crespo, David Horta, Jesse van Ruller, Arnold Dooyeweerd, Maarten v.d Grinten, John Ruocco and many others. After finishing his master he followed composition lesson in Amsterdam with master composer Pablo Escande. - Guillermo has produced more than 10 cd’s as a band leader and many more as a side man. – Guillermo Celano gives guitar and composition lessons in Amsterdam. – He is doing the programing of the BimLabs in het Bimhuis together with Monica Akihari. – He works for Trytone, a musicians collective with a programming and a record label. -Since March 2017 he is working as an adviser for the Nederlandse fonds voor de Podiumkunst. FPK.

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“…extraordinary atmospheres in a cozy and enigmatic ambiance with a beautiful cover of the Hymn a l’amour (Edith Piaf).” ***/3 - Le Soir by Jean-Claude Vantroyen, Belgium 12 april 2022

“… Elegant melodies peel out of stumbled sequences of beats, great melancholic themes grow out of quiet banter, enigmatic voices murmur and lament, tribal beats seek their way in the diffuse sonic interference fire of manipulated saxophone and manipulated guitars…” - CD of the week at NDR Kultur (DE)-March 2022

“There are eleven musical stories on “Carnet Imaginaire”, each and every one is a gem!” - Jan van Leersum RootTime.be

“Fiction and Reality” once again shows what a brilliant guitarist Celano is. From finely drawn-out melody lines to nasty improvisations. Celano is a versatile guitarist and composer. Unimpeded by clichés or stuffy frames, he absorbs a variety of music styles and then turns it into a quirky sparkling mixture. Jazz, classical, pop, impro, rock: Celano keeps adding new insights. The album title “Fiction and Reality” is melodious; fiction and reality represent concrete and abstract, which also overlap”. - Jazzenzo, Erno Elsinga, August 2020, NL

“A record with far-reaching improvisations, which can not to be described as “free”, but instead show the extensive creative insight and fantasy of the four musicians. Diversity is an asset, based on the deeper intention behind this album: impressions of the most recent trip that Celano made to South America. That makes Fiction and Reality – with titles of pieces such as Los Andes, Peru, Landscape and Precious metals in exchange for contaminated water – a recording as colorful as the countries of this continent”. - Jazznu RINUS VAN DER HEIJDEN, August 2020, NL

…”In this landscape, this world of sound, nothing is as hammock-blissful as it initially seemed. The guitar gets into thin air in its tendon and a light bends and breaks beauty. Celano’s melodiousness, which harvests the heart fibers, is aware of the dissonance between fiction and reality and unleashes reality with Hendrix’s fury”. - Bad Alchemy magazine, Rigobert Dittmann June 2020, Germany.

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