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Marcos Baggiani
Horn - Drum
Natalio Sued - tenor saxophone clarinet - Marcos Baggiani - drums

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A proposal out of the ordinary:
"Horn - Drum" goes beyond the usual expectations, exploring new textures and emotions through the unusual combination of saxophone and drums. Natalio Sued on tenor saxophone and clarinet, and Marcos Baggiani on drums, form a duo that surprises with their musical approach. Get ready for an exceptional auditory experience.

The creative process:
"Horn - Drum" was conceived and recorded at Marcos' studio in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This inspiring environment allowed Natalio Sued and Marcos Baggiani to bring their musical vision to life. With the collaboration of Hayden Michael Zappa Hook on mixing and mastering, the album achieves exceptional sound quality, capturing the essence and energy of live performance.

A team of talented collaborators:
The production of "Horn - Drum" was the result of teamwork, with Marcos, Natalio, and Rogé joining forces to shape every detail, ensuring that the final result lived up to their artistic vision. Additionally, renowned author Oscar Jan Hoogland contributes his deeply insightful liner notes, while François Van Damme delights us with his drawings, and Bruno Bonansea allows us to get to know the musicians through his captivating photographs.

"Horn - Drum" is more than just an album; it is a sonic journey that invites us to explore new musical frontiers. Natalio Sued and Marcos Baggiani guide us hand in hand through their exceptional musical approach, blending genres and traditions with mastery. We invite you to dive into this fascinating album, letting yourself be carried away by the magic of their music and their boundless dedication. Prepare for an unforgettable musical experience.

1. Lip - Stick
N. Sued / M. Baggiani - 03:05

2. Waynu
N. Sued / M. Baggiani - 03:35

3. Circular Playing
N. Sued / M. Baggiani - 03:52

4. Memorias Del Futuro
N. Sued / M. Baggiani - 04:33

5. Horn - Drum
N. Sued / M. Baggiani - 02:17

6. Origen
N. Sued / M. Baggiani - 05:01

7. Bijna Song
N. Sued / M. Baggiani - 04:52

8. Ritual
N. Sued / M. Baggiani - 07:09

9. The Second Time You Have Said Never Again
N. Sued / M. Baggiani - 06:02

10. Dialoog
N. Sued / M. Baggiani - 02:46

11. El Misterio De La Noche
N. Sued / M. Baggiani - 03:57

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