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Marcos Baggiani
The 2nd Path To NowHere
Lina Allemano (Trumpet) - John Dikeman (Tenor sax) - Leo Svirsy (Piano) - Marcos Baggiani (Drums)

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Lina Allemano (Trumpet) 
John Dikeman (Tenor sax) 
Leo Svirsy (Piano) 
Marcos Baggiani (Drums)

All tracks are uncut recorded improvisations.

Our gratitude to Mark Nieuwenhuis and Fritz/Zaal 100 for their support on this project.
Many thanks to Sara Morris for the cover photo.
And our eternal gratefulness to the music, that magical thing that bring us together and take us to those unknown wonderful places.

All rights reserved ©2015 Dikeman / Allemano / Svirsky / Baggiani

You can see part of the recording session here!


released February 21, 2018

Recorded in Zaal 100, Amsterdam on September 14, 2014.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mark Nieuwenhuis.
Produced by Marcos Baggiani in collaboration with John Dikeman.
Cover photo by: Sara Morris
Band Photo by Mark Nieuwenhuis.

This Album has been originally released on FleaBoy Records, check their page and catalog!

Our gratitude to Allison Philips, Pedro Branco and Robin van Rhijn for bring in it out!

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