You are welcome to contact me; whether you want to know more about my music, or you want a CD or you need PR material, or a specific CV or Bio, please don't hesitate to contact me.I am a musician, drummer, composer and producer.I was born in Buenos Aires, 1973. It was from this place that I begun playing drums.In 2001 I moved to Amsterdam to study at the Conservatory, gaining an MA in Jazz.Since then I live and evolve in Amsterdam, a world wide known hot spot of the improv music scene.I've been twice convened for International projects representing the Dutch arts: Jazz Plays Europe 2009 Take 5 Europe II 2013.In 2004 (and until 2006) I've created and curated -together with dancer Valeria Primost- The Meeting Point, a musicdance laboratory that run monthly at Bimhuis; what today functions as Monday Match.Between 2006 and 2012 I have curated the Trytone Fest at Zaal 100.Trytone is musicians' collective and record label, I'm one of its artistic leaders.

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